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【 Virtual IDM Platform 】

  Virtual IDM Platform is a collaborative framework of partners specialized in different fields, working together to offer a complete and comprehensive development environment for customer with best possible solution.

  By adopting Horizontal International Specialization business model for semiconductor foundry services, this approach provide competitive business advantage by utilizing cooperative relationships of partners to work beyond barrier of company for high quality services and supports.

  1. RENESAS EASTON Co., Ltd.  →Product planning / Design / Sales
  2. D-CLUE Technologies Co.,Ltd.  →Analog Design / RF Design / Research and Development
  3. SiliConsortium Ltd.  →ES, MP Turnkey Service
  4. SANEI HYTECHS Co.,Ltd.  →Analog, Digital and Case Design / Software development
  5. Tokyo Drawing Ltd.  →Development and Design Solutions

  Besides trends toward miniaturization and advanced functionality of devices, shift toward increased complexity of system and integrated semiconductor device has also become apparent in the recent years as well.

  In order to response to those demands, our company offers not only LSI development service, but also delivers integrated solution from system design to mass production of PCB/FLEX Board.  By utilizing cooperative relationship through Virtual IDM Platform system,we ensure that our customers will be delivered with the most cost-efficient and timely delivery services.