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- Package & Assembly -

Our viewpoint for post-process of semiconductor manufacturing

  We notice the following matters of concern about post-processing(dicing, packaging, assembly, board, testing and evalution) because we have given costmers the guidance about them for a long period.

  1. Developers of pre-procceing(wafer process) have few advisers about post-process.  They can't consult and explain exactly since they don't have know a lot about post-process.
  2. It takes extra cost and period for development due to insufficient communications between pre-process manufacturers and post-process manufacturers.  It brings a bad influence on the product quality at worst.
  3. Some of turnkry solution providers don't conversant with post-process(after wafer process).  Additionally, few of design and manufacturing companies can deal with a small quantity of packaging.

  We provide the solutions along customer's request in any range of semicunductor manufacturing, from pre-process to post-process, between development and fabrication. With giving advices about technology and manufacturing in semi-conductor developments.

  We can support you in any phase. That would be fine your request is only one-process manufacture on assignment, furnishing wafer manufactured by another company, or so.  We have ormer engineers of PCB production company and former assembly process engineers of semiconductor manufacturing company.  They have built a strong relationship.

  1. example no.1 : Development of modular PCB using packaged parts.
  2. example no.2 : High density mounting with bare chip, 2.5D or third dimensional mounting.
    MCP (Multi-Chip Package) / SiP (Sytem in Package) / PoP (Package on Package)