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  It is our company's 15th anniversary on July 1st, 2023.  We would like to express our
gratitude to every customers and partners have been supporting to us.

  Pandemic of COVID-19 has been going around the world for 3 years. Domestic situation
still prospect remain uncertain, because infection contnues to spread, and new problems
arise, such as Ukraina conflict, rapid depreciation of the yen, and power crunch.
  Despite such circumstances, looking around with clear vision, we realize explicitly
that semiconductors are embedded in evrything from infrastructure to compact electronic
device, and have been supporting people's lives.

  Even though semiconductors are indispensable technology in social system, the global chip shortage has not
been resolved for a year and a half. We will make further efforts in providing better service for our customers, and
would appriciate any comments or suggestions anytime.

  We will continue to put all our effort so as to contribute realization of a prosperous society where everyone can
live with peace of mind and to the development of the Japanese semiconductor industry by providing and
identifying the required services.

  We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.

Silicon Artist Technology Corporation
Representative Director and President   Kouji Madarame

◆ Our Line of Business ◆

One Stop Service

Providing total turnkey solution

◎ Supporting design and development for LSI (Analog/Digital)
◎ Turnkey service solutions for LSI chip design and manufacturing (ES/MP)
◎ "IP core" / "LIBRARY" Support
◎ All sbout supporting PCB, Assemby, Fabrication, Component procurement.
◎ To achieve the compactization of a module / Special process (Package, Ass'y, Fabrication)

◆ Management Philosophy ◆

  Based on the these philosophies, our commitment to pursue for added value service for trial and mass production of semiconductor will be guided by the following principles

  1. To foster challenge spirit and offer best possible service to our clients
  2. To promote innovative technologies and creative ideas, and challenge for a better future
    for semiconductor specialists
  3. To nurture and maintain good and enduring relationship with our employees,
    business partners and customers

◆ Quality improving and Environmental conservation activities ◆

  We set forth the following quality policies for increase in quality that we provide customers semi-conductor turnkey solution.

  1. We acquired "ISO 9001:2008" certification in 2015, "ISO 9001:2015" certification in May 2018,
    and have maintained acquiring the certification up to the present time.
  2. We focus on improving our design technology on the basis of conviction that the quality depends on perfection of design process.
  3. We grasp accurately the customer's request specifications, and provide the product/service with requirements of a law and other regulations.
  4. We execute and review soundly the quality management system that we construct with partners.

  We strive for even better improvement of global environments through our own business activities, and engage in the following matters for next-generation people that will play important roles in the future.

  1. Retrenching the earth resource and energy use quantity with promoting to recommend the LSI technology to customers.
  2. Endeavoring to reduce materials, energy, and wastes attendant on manufacturing product.
  3. Curtailing power of product transportation assiduously.
  4. Observing related laws, regulations, and requirements that we agree with.

  We ensure that these are widely disseminated within all employees through in-company training and publicity campaign.

◆ Company Overview ◆

Company NameSilicon Artist Technology Corporation
Established2008, August
Capital40 Million Yen
  and President
Kouji Madarame
OfficersDirector :   Junichi Komiya
Director :   Kunio Iizuka
Auditor :   Mutsuo Tanabe
→ Access
- Head Office -
Towa Fudousan Shinyokohama bldg. F4,
2-18-13, Shin-Yokohama, Kouhoku-ku,
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 222-0033,
TEL: +81-45-478-0118
FAX: +81-45-478-0116
Main Business Design Service : 
     Analog and digial Front-End, Back-End
Wafer proccesing Service : 
     Aisa, USA  Worlewide Foundry support
Board design Service : 
     printed circuit, Mechanical/structual,
     Trial/mass production
Option service : 
     Library Support, LSI chip analysis

◆ Subsidiary ◆

Company NameSiliconsortium Corporation
Established2001, July
Capital10 Million Yen
  and President
Kouji Madarame
OfficersDirector :   Tsuneyuki Yamanaka
Director :   Yūji Matsune
→ Access
- Head Office -
#51, F12
Taiju-Seimei Koube Sannomiya bldg.
119 Itou-chou, Cyuuou-ku, Koube-shi
Hyougo, 650-0032, Japan
TEL: +81-78-381-8122
FAX: +81-78-381-8126
Line of Business TSMC CyberShuttle® Support :
     TSMC CyberShuttle® Licence
Turnkey Support :
     CMP France Wafer support
Website URL  (Japanese only)

◆ Affiliated Company ◆

Company NameTokyo Drawing Ltd.
Established1954, April
Capital90 Million Yen
  and President
Junichi Komiya
→ Access
- Head Office -
Toyo Building, 2-36-12, Sannō, Ōta-ku
Tokyo, 143-0023, Japan
Line of Business Comprehensive Engineering Design Service :
    Electronic Circuit, LSI, PCB, Equipment
    and Structure
Software Development
Prototype manufacturing, Mass Production
Number of
256  (2022, April)
Website  (Japanese only)

◆ Affiliated Company ◆

Company NameOAD-TEC Corporation
Established2020, April
 joint venture company
  between Denken corporation and us
Capital50 Million Yen
  and President
Susumu Nakatsukasa
OfficersDirector :   Genta Ishii
  (President of Denken corporation)
Director :   Kouji Madarame
  (President of SAT)
→ Access
- Head Office -
1-21-10, Ootsu-machi, Ooita-shi
Ooita, 870-0907, Japan
Line of Business Analog ASIC Desgin (full custom IC)
Mixed-signal ASIC Design
LSI evaluation and analysis
Consulting business of analog IC
Design of second source chip, EOL
Reverse engineering, analysis
Website  (Japanese only)